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Believe in yourself, seek support, explore treatment options, be Confident !

Unlock the beauty that lies within you! Our cosmetic treatments are your key to a plumper, smooth, and youthful skin. Trust us to help you achieve the look you desire and embolden you to feel confident in your own skin. We promise you will see a remarkable transformation. Let us guide you on your journey to a more beautiful you!

Meet Our Doctors.

Amal Fakhry

Dermatology Specialist

Get top-notch personalized cosmetic services to achieve your beauty goals.

Samar Fakhry

Dermatology Specialist

Screenings, acne treatments, and cosmetic procedures with high education-focused care.

A.Shaheed Naseeb

Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon

Expert Orthopedic consultant treats sports injuries, joint pain and knee ailments, and encourages fitness.

Samah Salman

General Physician

Provides primary services, including Health check-ups, screenings, and Promotes health education.

Meet The Experts At Stanford !!

Stanford clinics welcome a new eminent expert as visiting consultant from Germany.


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